Stained Glass Heart - Jessica Angelique
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Jess Angelique is that quiet student in your class overlooked but overachieving without attention.  She will tell your students she was never one of the popular kids in school and was bullied by classmates online and in person.  Her transparency and insecurity encourage students to be who they are and treat others with respect.


When you bring in Jess Angelique and the team, they share stories to encourage your students in who they are and the difference they can make by living a life respecting others and focusing on the right priorities. You bring a team of like-minded student aged performers who share the message and music offering greater excitement and production in the on-stage product.  The music is a blend of chorus and rap.  Rap adds to the message identifying with your students.


What separates Jess from other assembly speakers is her ability to relate to the students first-hand that deal with bullying and self-worth.  She looks for the kid sitting alone.  She was that kid sitting alone.  You can trust Jessica Angelique to deliver an effective message inspiring positive behavior change that will last weeks and months after the assembly.  


At the age of seven, Jess Angelique showed a strong desire to sing.  Gifted with a strong voice, she soon found she had the gift of writing music composing her first song five years later.  From the age of 12, Jess loved to write music to encourage kids going through the same struggles at school. 


Talent brought opportunity with music industry professionals leading to Jess releasing an eight-song solo project when she was 14 and a seven-song group project with NextEra Music at 17. She has spent 3 years touring, serving schools and youth events with song and message. Her music can be found on digital platforms as NextEra Music and Jess Angelique Music.


mike dawson

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Ever since Mike was young he always had passion and drive. One thing he grew especially passionate about is music. Throughout the years he developed his talents in vocals, producing, and instrumentation. Mike has been in many bands over the years as a lead vocalist or an instrumentalist.

Mike has an internal drive to always work hard and to excel.

Losing 100 pounds in a year has taught Mike to persevere and stay positive through challenges.  His message inspires students to have an overcoming attitude and never give up improving mindset and outlook. Beyond his passion for music, he aims to be an encouragement to others through his story and through his experiences.


Jess Angelique and a team of

young performers from the

 NextEra Music


bring an anti-bullying, suicide prevention and anti-drug

message with music encouraging your students they are



                They Matter

      they have Value

    and they have Purpose


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